It is the time of the month, and the cramps are starting to give you a kickass time that deprived you of your comfort. To make matters worse, your emotions are giving you the hey-ho with its constant ups and downs, making your boyfriend or husband running away in fear. To top it all off, your face rewards you with a host of pimples. When these “events” occur every month, they are a source of great annoyance and irritation.

Why do we get pimples more often during the week before our period and during the period?

Period pimples are also called hormonal acne. As the name suggests, it has something to do with your hormones. The reason that the pimples are popping out during your period is due to hormonal changes. Your body increases progesterone and estrogen hormones about two weeks before the menstruation period to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Your body also increases the production of prostaglandins (the hormone-like substances in the uterine lining that makes the uterus contract and relax). All these hormonal changes result in period pimples.

While the above sounds like terrible news, there are ways to get rid of period pimples as your period is predictable. The regularity of your period means you can pre-empt the breakout and do your best to counter them before the pimples attack your face! Let us share some tips with you.

5 ways to get rid of period pimples

1. Regulate your period


Organic Evening Primrose Oil

The reason why you are getting a host of period pimples is likely because your hormones are not as regular as they should be. The first step to counter and eventually get rid of your period pimples is to regulate your hormones, that is, by controlling your period. The easiest way to do so is to take prescribed birth control pills, but if you are trying to conceive or are worried about its side effects, you can consider taking Evening Primrose Oil. The natural plant oil can lessen the cramps and period pimples. It also helps to give you great skin and hair!

Evening Primrose Oil is available in most pharmacies, as well as places such as GNC and NatureFarm.

2.Pamper your skin

The good news about period pimples is that they are predictable. Therefore, pampering your skin before pimples attack will give you a better chance to combat and counter them. Load up your face with anti-pimple agents like Tea Tree Oil or masks such as the Origins Clear Improvement. If you already have pimples, try Benzac AC Gel. The formula uses benzoyl peroxide, the magical ingredient that kills acne bacteria without drying your skin.

Tea Tree Oil is available at most pharmacies. There are many brands to choose from, but we will suggest The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, which is gentle on the skin and chase away the pimples effectively.

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Origins Clear Improvement

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Benzac AC Gel can be obtained at the National Skin Centre and selected pharmacies. You can get more information here.

3.Take plenty of vegetables

It sounds silly, perhaps, but eating more vegetables help to get rid of period pimples! Vegetables appear to increase the ability of your body to regulate the hormones during your period and hence, aids in getting rid or even preventing pimples. It also helps to keep you healthy, so, why not?

4. Clean your mobile phones and desk phones regularly

Don’t be too shocked! Did you know that your mobile phones and desk phones are the greatest carriers of germs and bacteria? We all know that pimples are direct results of bacteria and excess sebum, so why make life so hard by creating the exact dirty environment to encourage pimples to grow? Phones are tainted with germs and bacteria from our hands and faces while the warm environment on the phones give the ideal place for them to grow and breed. Therefore, wipe down your phones regularly to ensure that they stay clean. Our suggestion would be to wipe it down at least once a week.

5.Avoid touching your face

Most women have the bad habit of touching our faces through the course of the day. The result of continually touching our faces is the transfer of germs and bacteria from our fingers to our hand. These germs and bacteria then grow up in the forms of pimples. It is especially crucial that you do not touch your face unnecessary during the time of the month as it will induce period pimples faster by working hand in hand with your hormonal changes.