The price tag of some beauty products in the market makes us shudder at the thought of paying for them, but we buy it because it is an affordable luxury. As fashionable ladies who want to look our best, we set out to find out if there are ways to save on our beloved beauty products that we cannot live without!

Here are some ways to spend less cash and yet get precisely what you want.

1. Leave the items in your cart overnight when you shop online

If you like to buy your beauty products online, the best way to get some form of discount is to leave the items of your choice in your cart overnight or even for a few days. The company or online shop is likely to send you a reminder that you still have items that you did not purchase. Along with the reminder, there may be a discount code or a freebie added to sweeten the deal for you as an encouragement for you to click the “buy” button. In this way, you get some discount or a new product to try for free while buying products that you are planning to buy.


2. Get free samples of new products instead of buying full bottles

If you have not heard of SampleStore, you need to check it out. It is the best place to get free samples for many types of beauty products. All you need to do is to register for an account and receive eight complimentary points. You can use these points to redeem for samples of products that you wish to try, and they will send the products to you after you pay a small delivery fee. After using them, leave a review, and you will get a point for each review. You can then redeem new samples again. It is that easy!

Alternatively, if you find this troublesome, you can also ask for free samples when you shop at retail stores. The cashier is likely to pass you at least a couple of samples, if not more, for you to try so that you will come back for more. It is an excellent way to try out new or expensive products before committing to a full bottle.


3. Compare at the quantity instead of the price

Some companies play tricks with the packaging of their products to make you think that it is more than what it is. A well-designed bottle makes the product looks bigger and trick you into thinking that it is cheaper. Therefore, always check the quantity of the content when you are making price comparisons. A more economical product does not always mean the best value.


4. Buy items that can be used for multiple purposes

Certain products are fantastically versatile. These products are the best because buying one settles more than one part of your beauty routine. For example, do you know that you can substitute your shaving cream with hair conditioner? Or that your lip balm can be a perfect replacement for your cheek colours? You can even mix broken eyeshadow with clear nail polish to get a customised colour for your nails! Why not try it out yourself?

We hope that these five saving tips are useful to you! Let us know your saving tips in the comments below.